Kaitlin Ponce

Case study overview

Kaitlin Ponce has been an Insurance Agent with State Farm for since 2013. As a second generation State Farm Agent, she takes her brand building and marketing strategies seriously. That’s why she, like her father, has partnered with Carroll Media! Our social media and paid advertising is the best in the market, and Kaitlin’s analytics dashboard shows it. In just the last 4 months, Kaitlin’s numbers have exploded.


Pain Points

When Kaitlin Ponce approached our agency, she was facing several pain points that were hindering the growth of her insurance business. One of her biggest challenges was attracting new leads, as her existing marketing efforts had yielded little success. Additionally, Kaitlin was struggling to stand out in a crowded market, with many other insurance agents vying for customers’ attention. Her conversion rates were also less than ideal, and she was having trouble converting leads into actual customers. Previous marketing tactics had not yielded the desired results, and Kaitlin was feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by the prospect of developing an effective strategy. Finally, Kaitlin had difficulty reaching a specific demographic, which was limiting her ability to grow her business in a targeted and effective manner.


The Results

To help Kaitlin overcome these pain points, our agency developed a customized marketing strategy that leveraged our expertise in social media advertising and SEO. First, we developed a targeted social media advertising campaign that focused on Facebook and Instagram, as these platforms were most likely to reach Kaitlin’s target demographic. We also developed a custom video ad to showcase Kaitlin’s services and unique value proposition, which helped to differentiate her from the competition. In addition, we used our proprietary SEO boost software to optimize Kaitlin’s website and ensure that it was ranking higher in search engine results pages. By combining these strategies, we were able to help Kaitlin attract new leads, improve her conversion rates, and increase her visibility in the market. As a result, Kaitlin’s analytics dashboard showed a significant increase in traffic and engagement, leading to measurable growth for her business.

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