Randall Chewning

Case study overview

Randall Chewning is a State Farm agent who has been working with Modern Marketing 4 Agents since 2020, and he has achieved the Two Comma Club award for his social media advertising success, which means we showed his ads over 1 million times. This case study highlights his impressive numbers for the first two quarters of 2023. Through effective social media advertising, Randall has been able to reach a large audience, resulting in a significant increase in his business’s visibility. By leveraging Modern Marketing 4 Agents’ expertise, Randall has achieved impressive results, driving traffic to his landing page and generating millions of impressions on his ads. In this case study, we will examine the specific metrics that Randall has achieved and highlight the strategies that have contributed to his continued success.

Pain Points

As a State Farm agent based in Nicholasville, Kentucky, Randall Chewning faces a number of challenges when it comes to marketing his business. One of the biggest pain points for Randall is standing out in a crowded market, with many other insurance providers vying for the attention of potential customers in the Lexington area. Additionally, traditional marketing methods like print ads or direct mailers can be expensive and may not yield the desired results. Finally, Randall may not have the time or resources to dedicate to developing and implementing an effective social media advertising strategy on his own, making it difficult to reach a wider audience and compete with larger agencies. These pain points can limit his ability to grow his business and reach new customers, making it crucial for Randall to partner with a marketing firm that can help him overcome these obstacles and achieve his goals.

The Results

During the initial two quarters of 2023 (from January 1st to June 30th), Randall Chewning’s State Farm agency experienced extraordinary results with the implementation of Modern Marketing 4 Agents’ Deluxe Solution. Leveraging this powerful marketing package, Randall’s agency achieved a staggering 487k ad impressions, indicating a substantial increase in online visibility and brand exposure. Moreover, the solution’s strategic approach led to an impressive ad reach of 139.7k, showcasing the ability to connect with a diverse and engaged audience. The Deluxe Solution’s impact extended further with an astounding 445.6k page impressions, solidifying Randall’s agency’s strong online presence. These remarkable outcomes underscore the efficacy of Modern Marketing 4 Agents’ Deluxe Solution in driving exceptional growth, elevating Randall Chewning’s State Farm agency to new heights, and reinforcing his reputation as a leading insurance agent in the competitive Nicholasville market.

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