AI Lead Detection

$497 / month

Maximized Leads, Effortless Conversions

Transform your insurance agency’s marketing game with our AI Lead Detection. Our lead detection identifies your anonymous website traffic to provide you with unlimited exclusive leads.

With a simple tracking code, you can seamlessly gather valuable user data, including name, city, state, address, phone, and email. It’s time to elevate your lead generation strategy!


We don't sell you a list of possible matches. We identify real people in your area that have shown interest in your services in real time.


Our database collects emails from every potential new customer. Now you can know who is engaging with your social and ad campaigns immediately.


You can see an immediate return on investment (ROI) in the form of trackable leads from potential new customers.

Your Traffic, Your Data

Transform your marketing strategy with our AI Lead Detection technology, focusing exclusively on your website traffic to convert it into quality leads. Unlike others, we ensure your data remains solely yours, never resold. Say farewell to ineffective, ‘junk’ leads and embrace a more efficient way to leverage the traffic you already have for better conversions.

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