Pam Marbut

Case study overview

Pam Marbut, a State Farm agent with over four decades of experience, has partnered with us – Modern Marketing 4 Agents – for the past four months. We specialize in social media advertising for agents, and during this time, we have worked closely with Pam to develop and implement a range of effective strategies to enhance her social media presence and drive more leads to her business. This case study will delve into the specific techniques and tactics we have used to help Pam achieve her business goals and expand her client base.

Pain Points

As an experienced State Farm agent, Pam Marbut is well aware of the challenges that come with operating a successful insurance business. However, in recent times, she has faced several specific pain points. Firstly, despite her many years in the industry, she found it increasingly difficult to stand out among a sea of competitors, particularly in the digital space. Secondly, Pam had little experience with social media advertising and was struggling to leverage these platforms to effectively reach and engage with potential clients. Finally, Pam was facing difficulties in generating consistent leads, which were critical to growing her business and achieving her sales targets. These pain points were impacting her business growth and success, and Pam recognized the need for outside expertise to help her overcome these challenges.

The Results

During Pam Marbut’s four-month partnership with Modern Marketing 4 Agents, we were able to achieve some impressive results. By leveraging our social media advertising expertise, we were able to help Pam significantly enhance her online presence and engagement. Specifically, Pam’s ads received 43,000 impressions and reached 8.7 thousand users, resulting in over 1,000 engaged users. Additionally, Pam’s page received a significant boost in visibility, with over 44.5 thousand page impressions during the campaign period. These results highlight the effectiveness of our social media advertising strategies and their ability to drive tangible business outcomes for our clients. We are thrilled to have helped Pam achieve such success in a short period and are committed to continuing to support her in her business growth.

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