Angel Hall

Case study overview

Angel Hall is a successful insurance agent based in Palm Coast, FL, who partnered with Modern Marketing 4 Agents to enhance her social media advertising strategy. By leveraging our services, Angel was able to achieve impressive results in terms of increased brand awareness, engagement, and lead generation. This case study will dive deeper into the metrics that demonstrate the effectiveness of our partnership and shed light on the tactics we used to achieve these results.

Pain Points

Before partnering with Modern Marketing 4 Agents, Angel Hall faced several pain points in her social media advertising efforts. She found it challenging to reach her target audience and struggled to stand out in a competitive industry. Additionally, Angel had limited resources and was unable to dedicate significant time to managing her social media profiles. As a result, her online presence wasn’t driving the results she desired. Our team identified Angel’s pain points and worked closely with her to find a customized approach that would meet her specific needs and help her overcome her challenges.

The Results

Since partnering with Modern Marketing 4 Agents, Angel Hall has seen significant improvements in her social media advertising performance. Our targeted approach helped her achieve a remarkable 255,000 ad impressions, with a total reach of 46,000 people. Furthermore, Angel’s video content was viewed over 1,700 times, and her page received an impressive 220,000 impressions. These metrics demonstrate a notable increase in brand awareness and engagement for Angel’s business. In addition, we were able to generate 2,400 engaged users, which can potentially translate to leads and increased revenue for Angel’s business. Overall, our collaboration with Angel resulted in impressive numbers that speak to the effectiveness of our services.

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