Charlotte Potts

Case study overview

Charlotte Potts is an insurance agent based in Central Arkansas who partnered with Modern Marketing 4 Agents to enhance her social media advertising strategy. This case study covers a three-month period and highlights the specific tactics we used to help Charlotte achieve her business goals. Our team worked closely with Charlotte to develop a tailored approach that would address her unique challenges and improve her online presence. By leveraging our expertise and technology, we were able to deliver impressive results that demonstrate the effectiveness of our partnership. This case study will provide insight into the metrics we tracked and the strategies we implemented to achieve those results. Charlotte has been an agent since 2013 and is committed to providing her clients with exceptional service. We are thrilled to have been able to support her in achieving her business goals.

Pain Points

Before partnering with Modern Marketing 4 Agents, Charlotte Potts faced several challenges in her social media advertising efforts. As an insurance agent, Charlotte understood the importance of having a strong online presence, but found it difficult to consistently produce content that resonated with her target audience. She also struggled with tracking and analyzing the performance of her social media profiles, which made it challenging to optimize her strategy. Additionally, Charlotte had limited time and resources to dedicate to managing her social media profiles. These pain points resulted in inconsistent performance and prevented her from achieving her business goals. Our team identified these challenges and worked closely with Charlotte to develop a solution that would help her overcome these hurdles and improve her online engagement.

The Results

Through our Deluxe solution, Charlotte Potts was able to significantly enhance her social media advertising strategy over a three-month period. Our Deluxe solution included a custom video ad and additional ad placements like Facebook stories, Facebook video feeds, audience reward network, and more. These tactics helped Charlotte reach her target audience more effectively and showcase her business in a unique and engaging way. The results were impressive, with Charlotte receiving over 403,000 ad impressions and reaching 94,000 people with her ads. Furthermore, her video content was viewed over 18,000 times, which helped her amplify her brand’s visibility. Additionally, Charlotte’s page received 261,000 impressions, demonstrating significant improvement in her online engagement. These impressive metrics show the effectiveness of our Deluxe solution in driving brand awareness and engagement for Charlotte’s business. The results of our partnership have the potential to translate into increased leads and revenue for Charlotte, and we are thrilled to have been able to help her achieve these outcomes.

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