April 28, 2023

LinkedIn Publishes New Report on Recruitment Trends

A new report from LinkedIn provides insights into the latest trends in recruiting based on interviews with HR professionals and user data from LinkedIn profiles and job listings. The comprehensive global report spans 29 pages and covers overall recruitment trends, while regional reports provide detailed analysis of specific markets. Although you can download all versions of the report, in this post, we’ll focus on some of the report’s key highlights.

The report sheds light on significant changes in the job market due to the pandemic. The report is based on user data and interviews with HR professionals, providing insights into global recruitment trends and specific regional analyses. The report also covers several key areas where LinkedIn’s data indicates major shifts in career priorities and aspirations, providing predictions for the future of recruiting. One area of focus is flexible work, although it remains less of a priority for candidates. 

Included are also predictions on the impact of various new technologies like generative AI on the recruiting landscape. Additionally, the report includes notes on learning and upskilling trends, and variations in employer and candidate perspectives. 

While the data is industry-specific, it offers valuable insights on how LinkedIn users are adapting to new tools and features. Whether you’re an HR professional or just curious about LinkedIn usage trends, this report is definitely worth a look. You can download LinkedIn’s full Future of Recruiting report here.