May 1, 2023

Ryan England

What is the Two Comma Club?

This is our exclusive award for agents who achieve over one million impressions through our expert social media advertising, representing the pinnacle of social media advertising excellence.

Ryan England, a State Farm agent and a multiple-time Chairman Circle awardee, has been recognized with Modern Marketing 4 Agents’ prestigious Two Comma Club award for the second consecutive year. The Two Comma Club award is given to clients who receive over 1 million impressions in a year, a testament to Ryan’s success in leveraging social media advertising for his business. Thanks to Modern Marketing 4 Agents, Ryan has been able to reach a broad audience, with his ads being seen by over 230,000 people and shown more than 6 million times on Facebook and Instagram combined. Moreover, the marketing firm has driven over 6,000 people to Ryan’s quote landing page, demonstrating their ability to drive real business results for their clients.

Transcript from video

DJ: You got another two comma club award coming to you! We were actually gonna plan on having like an awards banquet this year but with covid like that kind of screwed all that up. So, since you started working with this, you’re at 5,300,577 impressions so I just wanted to see if you could share a couple words of what it’s like working with us?

Ryan: Hey i’m glad to share a couple of words about being part of the two comma club with Carroll Media (Modern Marketing 4 Agents). I will just say this, and I talk to a lot of agents about these guys, and I mean every word I say about it – DJ Carroll and his group are an extension of my business. Admittedly i’m not a social media guy but i understand that it is a huge part of any business, particularly the State Farm insurance agents business and I trust these guys with that part of my business and it’s a huge driver of my success. Most of the money we spend now is in digital marketing as opposed to traditional marketing and these guys do a phenomenal job of it. They are second to none and DJ and his crew are always there for me to hop on the phone to ask a lot of dumb questions if I need to, and just help me grow my business. I’m glad to be part of it and I recommend these guys to and and every State Farm agent out there. 

DJ: Awesome man, appreciate that. 

Ryan: Absolutely.

If you’re an insurance agent looking to take your social media advertising to the next level, then Modern Marketing 4 Agents is the partner you need. With a proven track record of driving results for their clients, including Ryan England, who has won the Two Comma Club award two years in a row, Modern Marketing 4 Agents has the expertise and experience to help you reach your target audience and grow your business. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to drive thousands of visitors to your landing page and millions of impressions on your social media ads. Contact Modern Marketing 4 Agents today to learn how they can help you achieve your marketing goals.