April 28, 2023

Justin Mays

What is the Two Comma Club?

This is our exclusive award for agents who achieve over one million impressions through our expert social media advertising, representing the pinnacle of social media advertising excellence.

We’re coming to you with another client who has received insane results. Kentucky native insurance agent Justin Mays is the latest Modern Marketing 4 Agents client to receive the Two Comma Club award! Justin has reached over 1,925,416 impressions in the past 12 months!

As a long term client of Modern Marketing 4 Agents, these numbers are just a part of the continued improvement over his last year’s numbers, proving that we get you the best results when it comes to maximizing your insurance brand online and on social media platforms. Justin has also been an incredible referral program partner, which means for every referral he sends Modern Marketing 4 Agents who signs up, he receives $125!

Justin was instrumental in helping Modern Marketing 4 Agents develop our SEO Boost software. This software plugs in to maximize the efficiency of your Google My Business account. When someone does a Google search, don’t you want your listing to show up near the top? That’s what our SEO Boost software does. Justin saved hundreds of dollars switching from a company who charged him $500 every month. Congratulations Justin, working with you has always been a pleasure.

Check out our website today to learn how Modern Marketing 4 Agents can help you build your insurance brand into an empire!