Bryan Jacobs

Case study overview

Bryan Jacobs is a State Farm agent based in Gulfport, Mississippi who was looking to improve his online visibility and attract new leads to his insurance business. To achieve these goals, he turned to our agency and enrolled in our Standard solution, which includes targeted Facebook and Instagram advertising, as well as a custom graphic designed to highlight his unique value proposition. Over a two-month period, we worked closely with Bryan to implement this solution and measure its impact on his business metrics. In this case study, we will explore the specific tactics and strategies we used to help Bryan achieve his goals, as well as the measurable results he was able to achieve as a result of our partnership.

Pain Points

Before partnering with our agency, Bryan Jacobs was facing several challenges that were impacting the growth of his insurance business. One of his biggest pain points was a lack of online visibility, as he was struggling to stand out in a crowded market and attract new leads through his existing marketing efforts. Additionally, Bryan was having difficulty differentiating himself from other State Farm agents in the area, and was struggling to communicate his unique value proposition to potential customers. This was leading to stagnant growth and missed opportunities for his business. Finally, Bryan lacked the expertise and resources to develop and execute an effective online marketing strategy, which was limiting his ability to reach his target audience and grow his business in a scalable and sustainable way.

The Results

Thanks to his partnership with Modern Marketing 4 Agents, Bryan Jacobs was able to achieve measurable growth and success for his insurance business. Over the course of two-months, Bryan’s targeted Facebook and Instagram advertising campaign generated a total of 37,000 ad impressions and reached 8,900 unique users. In addition, our custom graphic design helped to highlight Bryan’s unique value proposition and attracted over 1,000 engaged users to his website. As a result of these efforts, Bryan also saw a total of 39,000 page impressions, which helped to significantly improve his online visibility and attract new leads to his business. These results demonstrate the power of an effective online marketing strategy, and the value of partnering with a trusted agency like Modern Marketing 4 Agents to achieve success in a competitive market.

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