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DJ Carroll here, extending a warm welcome and heartfelt gratitude for your interest in Modern Marketing 4 Agents.

Chances are, you recently received our little gem in the mail – a TOMA piece, short for Top of Mind Awareness. Just as we believe in helping agents like you attain top-of-mind awareness, this small but powerful communication serves as a reminder of the impact our collective efforts can have.

In a world where many agents might assume that recruitment, sales training, or administrative tasks are their greatest business hurdles, the underlying challenge is often quite different. Picture not the suave James Bond 007, but rather the undercover agent – the one who exists in the shadows of the local community, a well-kept secret.

Our fundamental belief is rooted in the understanding that people don’t typically wake up on a serene Saturday morning and think, “Ah, what a splendid day for purchasing insurance!” It’s a nice thought, but the reality doesn’t quite align.

Instead, we’ve distilled the catalysts for action down to two key factors: a negative claims experience or an unwelcome rate increase. These are the triggers that prompt individuals to explore their options.

I’m here to extend a sincere welcome and express our gratitude for considering us as partners in your journey. In the days and weeks ahead, anticipate receiving case studies and valuable insights via mail. Stay vigilant, as these materials will undoubtedly contribute to your knowledge and understanding.

Should your curiosity and interest deepen during this process, know that the pathway to starting this collaboration is a simple click away.

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With that, allow me to express my heartfelt appreciation once more for affording us this opportunity. We are genuinely invested in your success and stand ready to assist you along the way. Here’s to your success.

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